Woody Paige Reported That Colorado Hired A Football Coach. Colorado Has Not Hired A Football Coach.

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There it is, you guys. Denver Post columnist and ESPN clown-bro Woody Paige did a real bang-up job of shoe-leather reporting last night. He was first with the news that Butch Jones was leaving the University of Cincinnat—wait, what?

Here's the lede from a report posted late this morning on the Cincinnati Enquirer's website:

University of Cincinnati football coach Butch Jones withdrew his name for consideration for the head coaching job at Colorado, UC sports information contact Ryan Koslen said Thursday.

The Denver Post reported Wednesday that Jones had accepted the job, prompting Jones to issue a vehement denial that the report was true. He reportedly turned down an offer of $13.5 million over five years. Jones met with Colorado officials in Boulder on Monday.


The Denver Post, for its part, is now saying that Jones "was ready to take the Colorado job, with only final details to be worked out before an announcement was made." But Paige's tweet, which is still sitting at the top of his Twitter page, is far more definitive than that. Paige did not attribute his big scoop to anyone, but he had boasted in his Monday column that he had a direct line to Jones's agent, former NFL player Trace Armstrong. Might want to call him again, Woody.

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