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Wooo!!!!!!! Roll Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!!!!!!!!!

You might have noticed, when Nick Saban, officially the new Guy Who Is Everything Wrong With Sports (at least until next week, when we've forgotten about all this business), arrived in Alabama, an enthusiastic fan fought through the crowd and planted one right on the guy. (Saban, ever cool, took the buss in stride, and didn't even seem to mind.)

If you were wondering what state of mind the woman must have been in to pull off such a bold maneuver, well, here's your answer: She was drunk. No, really, she was; she was nailed for a DUI on the way back from her trip to Tuscaloosa International Airport. Her name is Alana Colette Connell, and it was a Wednesday afternoon. Never a dull moment in Alabama football.


In case you were wondering whether or not this was a case of mistaken identity, well ... Deep South Sports has also dug up video of Connell "pre-gaming."


Tonight might be the last night of the college football season, but it's never truly over.

This Just In [Deep South Sports]

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