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Well, women's professional golf has just advanced on my list of favorite sports from No. 109 to No. 63 ... just ahead of cheese rolling, but still behind rugby and Calvinball. The dramatic upsurge in the standings is due to Anna Rawson, who earned her LPGA tour card this week. We are absolutely certain that she totally deserved it and was not rewarded ahead of more deserving amateurs. Nope. From her MySpace page:

Today I became the newest member of the LPGA! To all those who were pulling for me, thank you so much for your love and support. Your kind words have definitely helped me get to this point. Thank you thank you thank you!


No, Anna: Thank you. Some vital statistics: She's Australian, and her two favorite movies are The Godfather and Gladiator. Gorgeous, and able to quote Michael Corleone? Someone's been reading my diary!

Anna Rawson On the LPGA [My Golf]

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