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Photo: Aitor Alcalde (Getty)

Well what do you know, it turns out that world-class asshole Sergio Ramos was actually innocent of this one incident of assholery against Raheem Sterling in Monday’s Spain-England match.

You may recall yesterday’s post here in which we surveyed the available evidence of a questionable coming together between Ramos as Sterling, and after careful consideration of multiple video angles and the past behavior of Ramos, we determined that the Spaniard had very probably stomped on Sterling’s ankle. Earlier today, Ramos did a little posting of his own by uploading the definitive video angle onto Twitter and in doing so exonerating himself completely:


Now if only Ramos could provide a few dozen alternate angles of the many, many, many other times he’s been caught playing dirty, maybe he’d be able to clear himself of the world-class asshole label entirely. Though as long as he’s still rightly considered the best central defender in the world, he’ll probably be just fine either way.

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