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World Series Celebration In Kansas City Showed Up On Weather Radar

The celebrations in and around Kansas City after the final out of the World Series were remarkable peaceful, especially compared to what happened in San Francisco and Boston the past two years: there were no arrests, no injuries, no reports of property damage. Other than some soggy goalposts in Lawrence, it was just a lot of people feeling good things and having a good, wholesome, drunk time.

Which doesn’t mean it wasn’t a big, big party. Here, via Slate, images from the National Weather Service’s radar for the minutes leading up to—and just after—the final out at 11:34 p.m. local time.


What you’re seeing is smoke from the fireworks being set off around the area, all of them amateur displays. (In Topeka, a large number of residents called 911 after mistaking fireworks for gunshots—though police said “it certainly was possible” that some people were firing guns in the air in celebration.)


Photo via AP.

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