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Well, someone's going to end a whole lot of frustration in the next week and a half, so even if the folks at FOX probably aren't that happy, the rest of us should have a grand time in the White Sox-Astros World Series. This is one of those great World Series where you can kind of sense that fans of both teams can't quite believe they're actually here, like in the Rams-Titans Super Bowl in 2000. No matter what happens, somebody's fans are going to be deliriously pleased.

But who's the favorite? Some predictions from around the Web:

Baseball Prospectus: Astros in seven.
Hardball Times: Astros in seven.
Bill Simmons: White Sox in six.
Daily Quickie: White Sox in six.
Baseball Musings: White Sox "52-48."
Cool Standings: White Sox in six.


So, it's a split. Cool. The last time a series got bad ratings — as pretty much everyone predicts this will — it was that outstanding Giants-Angels series. Even though our Cards let us down, we'll be watching. Least we can do.

Astros-White Sox Series [Baseball Musings]

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