World's Worst Referee ​Takes Phone Call In The Middle Of A Game

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Today was the highly anticipated and (in the words of our tipster) "always heated" battle between North Whidbey Middle School and Oak Harbor Middle School in Oak Harbor, Washington. But despite the high stakes of the matchup, one of the referees spent a minute chilling on his phone! C'mon man, these kids didn't practice twice a week after school and miss the second half of seventh period for you to treat the game like a joke.

Update: An Oak Harbor Public Schools communications officer has e-mailed me with the following statement:

We did some fact checking. Turns out the ref was calling his supervisor to report that a referee was needed at a crosstown game with 44 kids and no officials. Poor judgment to call during the game? Yes, but his intention was to help the other school. The referee organization has confirmed the call and is investigating the incident.


h/t Bryan