Would-Be Robber Foiled By Novel "Giant Rugby Player" Security System

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One robber learned the hard way that, when casing your target, make sure there's not a 300 lb. athlete who likes swinging chairs, and dislikes having a gun pointed at him.

This all went down in Leeds last week, as Azar Sulman tried to rob the William Hill bookmakers. Martin Richardson was just looking to place his own bets, when he got sucked into what appears to be his superhero origin story.

A chair to the head, and a smothering pin until police arrived, and England finally has a hero better than Captain Britain. But, Mr. Richardson, do you have any particularly badass quotes?

"I wouldn't normally open the door for anyone anyway, let alone a robber.

"So what if he had a gun? He was very impolite and I don't take kindly to that."

That'll do. But if you're really going to be a superhero, you're going to need some better villains. Sulman was actually pretty sad, with his fake handgun, and having hit that store three times to feed his $300-a-week weed habit.

May I suggest, for your arch-nemesis, this man who dressed up as Snoopy to lead a prison break?


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