I don't know how you feel about Jean Hsu (Jean who?) but that broad knows how to get into a tennis tournament. Somehow, she and a friend scored front row seats to an Andy Roddick match. Yeah, it's the national championship of tennis, but Andy Roddick? I guess they they just have a penchant to see overrated athletes, and they couldn't score tickets to the Clemson game last night. Anyway, Hsu spilled the beans on how she and her friend got into the arena.

During our (long) trek from the parking lot to the front door, S would randomly go up to couples on their way home and ask for their ticket stubs. Out of the kindness of their hearts, and also a little help from my beaming, innocent smile, people were pretty willing to dig into their pockets to find their crumpled tickets. We landed our first set of tickets, and I was already satisfied. But S would not stop there. He wanted to score some pimp seats. We collected a few pairs of ticket stubs, but none that were of baller status. We then walked by the VIP area, and quickly asked a foreign couple for their ticket stubs as they exited the section. By distracting the doorman with ice cream, we were quickly allowed reentry, and the entire VIP floor area was at our fingertips.

Food makes a great diversion for people working long hours, no matter how "important" they seem to be? Did I ever tell you about the time I scored a luxury box for the Pro Bowl by dousing my nipples with poi? Man, that's the oldest trick in the book. Blogger Uses Ice Cream, Trickery To Get 'Pimp' Seats At The US Open [Machochip]