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Everyone remembers how awful the Rush Limbaugh experiment on ESPN was. How long did it take for him to say something inappropriate? Two weeks? But Limbaugh resigned, ESPN looked a little foolish, and everyone moved on.

Anyway, many of you may know that Mike and Mike In The Morningg has been doing their Jimmy V Cancer-drive stuff and pulled in a crapload of money for the charity. (In this wintry economic climate, getting anyone to shell out a dollar is an achievement.Hooray for them.)


One of the items put up for bid was a chance to have Mike and Mike do their live broadcast from your home. The winning bid? $57,100. The winner? Marta Maranda — Limbaugh's ex-wife.

Now, according to sources, Marta is very serious about her charities and this being a noble one, she has given assurances that her motivation for spending so much to have Golic and Greenie in her living room is completely legit. No, she's not making a large donation to a charity spearheaded by her ex-husband's former employer to publicly disrespect him. Not at all — that'd be quite snatchy of her to do such a thing.

There still might be some other problems. Maranda lives in the very tony Jupiter Island in a multi-million dollar home (much nicer than the Bristol studios, no doubt) but there are strict code enforcements that may prevent the show from ever coming to her pad.

Using a private residence on the island for commercial purposes, including a radio broadcast, is strictly verboten.

"I guarantee you we'll be looking for them," said island code enforcer Jeff Newell. "This is totally against our code of ordinances. They may be able to do it in a public space. But not in anyone's home."


Oh well. Hopefully, this all works out and Maranda and Jupiter Island can reach some agreement so the show goes on. I'm sure it'll happen; remember, she was just an obsessive fan of Rush Limbaugh's before they got together. She has a thing for radio guys — especially ones on the husky side. Golic better make sure she doesn't slip some elephant roofies in his coffee that morning.

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