Wrapping Up The Lesbian Cheerleaders Story

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We've reached the saturation point, we think, on the Carolina Panthers cheerleader story, but, frankly, we don't care, and we suspect you don't either. Here's an update on what we've all got, to close this out. Smile wide:

• YAYSports! has the above photo and some other goodness. We guarantee you those kids are masturbating right now.
• In case you haven't seen them, the screencaps of the ladies Panther bios have been captured.
• NFL.com Tuesday Morning Quarterback Gregg Easterbrook, ever obsessed with NFL cheerleaders, has been oddly quiet.
• We've got some arrest records, though the sadly absent Kristen Owen (whose ID Renee famously used) is listed rather than lovely Renee.
• Just hours before Banana Joe's, Renee and Angela crashed a class reunion in Tampa and they've found pictures. So now you know what they were wearing. You see.
• Some video of the strangely dressed ladies running to their car after the arrest.
• The ladies are denying that they had sex at all, which is a GODDAMNED LIE.

We thank you for making us your source for all lesbian cheerleader news. And Mom said we'd never amount to anything!


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