Wrigley Field Has A Big Jumbotron Now, Still No Bleachers

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It’s three days until opening night, and Wrigley Field is finally starting to look like a real ballpark again. Haha, just kidding!

As you can see in the picture above, snapped by @D3P0, the Cubs just finished erecting the new jumbotron, but there are still two gaping holes where the left- and right-field bleachers are supposed to be, and they are going to be there for awhile. Yesterday, a rather defensive Cubs spokesman trumpeted the completion of the massive new video board, while also reiterating that the stadium will be without large chunks of seating for the next two months. From the Chicago Tribune:

“This has been the most disturbing (rumor),” Green said. “We’ve hit an all-time low for Wrigley Field rumors and myths. … We’ve said time and time again, we will not cut corners on this project and we’re going to do this project right and responsibly.”

The updates weren’t much different than what the Cubs already had announced. The left-field bleachers will be ready by May 11, and the right-field bleachers are expected to be completed by mid-June.


A silver lining for Cubs fans: At least none of them will have to take the risk of sitting underneath a giant TV screen that was hastily thrown up by a Chicago-area construction crew for another two and a half months.

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