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Xavier Fans Haven't Forgiven Greg Oden

If you were wondering whether or not Xavier fans had gotten over that whole Greg Oden pounding a guy to the floor business, the guy who runs the blog Free Xavier makes it clear that, uh, they're not.

If we are all created in the image and likeness of God, you both were most likely modeled after his taint. You are cheap little bitches on the court. I'm talking Made in Taiwan cheap, dirty smelly hooker cheap, maybe even as cheap as Zoe Oden (that's his mom for those keeping score at home). In fact, I bet that is why your parents got divorced Greg. Your dad didn't like her job. I don't mean to say that it bothered him that she is a dirty whore, just that she was only pulling down $0.75 a day doing it.


And it gets worse from there. The site's motto is "Our mission is to provide the students of Xavier University with independent, unfiltered, and uncensored perspectives while providing a forum for unrestricted student discussion." Apparently!

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