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The Violent Side Of Greg Oden

While Tennessee and Virginia look to be going down to the wire, I thought we'd take a second and look back at yesterday's man-sized non-flagrant foul by Greg Oden. He always looks like a man amongst boys out there, but yesterday, with Ohio State needing to take a quick foul, he looked like Godzilla rampaging through a Japanese fishing village.

Gerald Henderson saw that and said, "Yeah, that seems excessive." Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about injustice — Xavier probably committed a foul in there somewhere themselves, and it was nice to actually see a little physical aggressiveness out of Oden — but still, a flagrant foul is a flagrant foul. Incidents like this are why the flagrant foul exists.


Thats Jacked Up; Buckeye Greg Oden Lays the Wood [Loser With Socks]

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