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I can't really condemn these scruffy-faced Yankee fans for their jubilant man-love after the Yankees World Series victory. I probably made out with at least three dudes at Dirty Frank's last year after the Phillies won.

And, look, they were even kind enough to include the Dominican busboy in their manwich.


Reader, Rachel would really like to see her words on Deadspin so I figured I'd oblige.

In an effort to feed my own narcissistic needs to see my words on Deadspin and dazzle you with my literary (sarcastic blogging) capabilities, I felt the need to share a couple of things about my first World Series experience as a Yankees fan (and hate if you must, but my fan-dom happened before they started winning, so it still counts). If my boyfriend were writing to you, he'd probably have you title it, "Unruly Spoiled Worshipers of Evil Empire Spread Gospel of Hate in New York City." I on the other hand, would call this post "The Only Time Your Boyfriend/Husband/Friend-With-Benefits/Guy-You-Met-8-Seconds-Ago Is Truly Not Thinking About T&A".

And why not? Well, World Series Game 6 was the most blatant display of man love I've ever seen. Not only was I with a group of 15 guys who jumped around in a euphoric, sexually non-denominational frenzy, but "strangers" (in quotations because oooobviously if you are a Yankee fan you aren't a stranger) were at risk for getting the tongue too. And so, I thank the Yankees. I thank them for being the only thing that could possibly have caused grown (relatively speaking) men to not only openly express their love for one another and baseball, but also for allowing me to be in a bar full of hammered morons without risk of being bent over the bar and violated. Oh, and there's also something awesome about celebrating with the Dominican busboy....

Pictures attached. Not that it's the greatest thing ever written, but I'm thinking you should at least seriously consider a World Series Bromance montage. I mean, that ARod-Jeter couple halloween costume is great, but drunk idiots are better.

Thanks, AJ!!


Thank you, Rachel. Now you and your homo Yankee friends can politely go fuck yourselves.

Good morning. It's Saturday. Let's break stuff.

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