Yankee Fans Even Hate Givers Of Life

Lion In Oil points out a particularly proud moment in the annals of Yankees fans proud moments: Yesterday afternoon, amidst the intense heat in New York City — and Lord, don't we know it — they booed the sun.

Yes, bringer of life to the planet ... YOU SUCK! TRADE THE BUM!

Fans showed their approval when a cloud moved in front of the sun during the fifth inning of the Yankees-Royals game. They booed moments later when the sun returned.


We are reminded again of the most terrifying moment in our parents' baseball fandom life. During a rain delay at Yankee Stadium in 2003, the Leitches, all dressed up in their dopey Cardinals best, looked onto the Bronx Bleachers from above. Upon spotting us, the Yankees fans started chanting, "DAR-RYL KILE! DAR-RYL KILE!"

It took us about 20 minutes to calm down Mom.

After Jeering The Sun, New York Fans Have Now Jeered Everything Possible [Lion In Oil]