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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Yankees-Marlins Fan Brawl Reveals Truth Of The Human Condition, With Punching

YouTube is filled with grainy cellphone videos of drunken bleacher brawls, but few capture the drama, action, suspense, and heartbreaking childhood trauma of this donnybrook from the Yankees-Marlins series. It's like the Citizen Kane of stadium fan fight clips.

As usual, we don't get to see what started the fracas, but we do get to see who finished it. Yankee Fan and Marlin Fan are going toe-to-toe across a stadium aisle railing, when Yankee Fan lands a roundhouse haymaker. Then Marlin Fan's wife jumps in. Then their 10-year-old kid gets his shots in. The Marlin Fan comes unhinged, leaping over the railing and sending Yankee Fan tumbling over a row of seats. Bystanders try to "break up" the fight while simultaneously trying to capture it on film. Security is nowhere to be seen. Then comes the shocking plot twist that melts your heart and jerks the tears from your cold, cynical eyes ... Yankee Fan's young daughter bawling her eyes out.


"Quiet, Sweetheart. Daddy's fighting."

But most of all, kudos to the cameraman for keeping his wits about him and getting some rare, super high-quality footage of the elusive stadium brawl. These things are usually more nauseating than The Blair Witch Project, but this guy is a real poet.


Happy Father's Day, everyone!

Fight at the Yankees at Marlins [YouTube]

Video via: ToastedJoe

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