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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Yankees Reduce Prices From "Highway Robbery" To "Alleyway Mugging"

Illustration for article titled Yankees Reduce Prices From Highway Robbery To Alleyway Mugging

Have you heard about this NEW Yankee Stadium? It's just like the old one—only 14 times more expensive. So how do you sell $2,500-a-game tickets? Charge the bargain-basement price of $1,250!


New York City is positively brimming with obscene millionaires who love to flaunt their wealth and even they won't be caught dead at the new ballpark. The team has been embarrassed by hundreds of empty (TV friendly!) seats at game after game. So prices are being slashed! Everything must go!

The full-season Legends Suite and ticket licenses priced at $2,500 per regular-season game in sections 15A-B, 24B and 25 will be reduced to $1,250 per game. Those who have already purchased those seats will receive their choice of a refund or credit. The full-season $1,000 seats will drop to $650 per game with a similar policy.

Those who have purchased full-season $2,500 seats in sections 16-24A, Legends Suite seats for $1,250, $850, $600 and $500 will receive a specified number of complimentary seats. The same goes for future purchases of such seats.

The Delta Sky 360 suites in Sections 218A-222 will be reduced from $750 to $550 per game, with refunds/credits for those who already purchased.

In order to encourage people to buy the $325 tickets in sections 115-125, fans will receive a specific number of complimentary tickets along with their purchases.


Keep in mind—the team still feels it's acceptable to charge $325 for a single-game baseball ticket that is not on Derek Jeter's lap. (Everyone below that level? Still full price!) Even worse, they've angered Keith Olbermann.

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, who owns three $850 Legends Suite season tickets, was unhappy prices were cut only for those with front-row seats while others will be given additional tickets.

A guy with three $850 season tickets is complaining about extra free tickets. I kind of hate America right now.

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