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Look at Mr. Yao College, going to classes and learning things!

After Yao Ming retired from the NBA, he made good on his promise to his parents by continuing his education at a university. Yao's now in his third year at Jiao Tong University, and yes, other students are certainly aware that they go to school with Yao Ming.


From the New York Times:

It hasn’t always been easy. The 33-year-old can hardly walk anywhere on campus without being swarmed by fans and reportedly complained once that one of his professors was a former high school classmate. But true to his word, Mr. Yao has diligently continued studying, taking English, journalism and finance electives in addition to his required classes.

He doesn't live on campus, though. Yao's a commuter, although he wishes he could hang out with other students and do college things.

According to one Chinese news report, Mr. Yao would prefer to live in the dorms with his 20-year-old classmates, a move that would save time and energy, “but the beds are too small.”


It's only a matter of time before some clever students get Yao to join their pickup basketball team. Total domination.


Photo: Eugene Hoshiko/AP


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