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Yeah, Steroids Will Totally Ruin Your Life

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It was pointed out when Yankees Meat Loaf impersonator Jason Giambi admitted to taking steroids in front of the BALCO grand jury that steroids worked out just fine for him. A year after it was confirmed by Giambi was taking steroids, he signed a nine-digit contract with the Yankees. Ask him, in dark hours, if he would do it again. Wouldn't you?


Anyway, a similar, if more understated, story out of Milwaukee over the weekend: Closer Derrick Turnbow, who came out of nowhere to become a bullpen force just last year, signed a three-year, $6.5 million extension with the Brewers.

This is the same Derrick Turnbow who, as an anonymous righthander for the Angels back in 2003, tested positive for steroids right before his major-league breakthrough. Turnbow claimed the positive test was for an over-the-counter drug that was banned by the IOC but not by baseball, and that the whole thing was an accident. Which, while possibly true, is a rather common excuse. Maybe steroids helped Turnbow, maybe they didn't, but no matter what, life has turned out pretty well for the guy. Ask him if, ultimately, he'd do anything different. Would you?

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