Man, that was close. Just when we were starting to think we'd get through an entire NHL season without a Kings-related screw-up from the Los Angeles media, Fox 11's Liz Habib rides to the rescue.

That's Habib in the video above, which aired yesterday. She's telling us that Willie Mitchell scored the Kings' lone goal in Game 4 against the Sharks. Never mind that the goal was actually scored by Mike Richards. Or that Mitchell wears No. 33, while Richards wears No. 10. Or that Mitchell has been out with a knee injury since last year's Stanley Cup finals. Meh. Close enough.

Habib is the same sportscaster responsible for this tongue-tied narration disaster from last year. Along with logo and mascot mix-ups from other outlets—which prompted the Kings to make one of these—L.A.'s run to the Cup last spring was a joy to behold. This year, all we had was a gaffe from a Chicago newspaper. Until now. What a relief it is to know that winning a Stanley Cup didn't change a thing about L.A.'s relationship to hockey.

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