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If a couple months have passed, you know what that must mean: It's time for yet another Gawker Media redesign of Deadspin. It's like the weather around here; if you don't like a redesign, just wait a while, something different will come along. And it will have hail.

Anyway, we miss the skyboxes up top a little bit — it was nice being able to track the top stories; we're not sure how we can do that now — but on the whole, we think the design is a little cleaner. And christ Lord are we happy to rid of that goddamned "D" logo thing. It was something you'd see on the chest of the world's lamest superhero, like "The Decanter," the guy who keeps the world safe from disturbed flask sediment.


We're told the preview boxes for comments are coming back, and that was a temporary glitch. But whatever thoughts you have about yet another redesign, please leave them in the comments here or email us. And as we said: If you hate it too much, just wait a while.

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