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Yes, As A Matter Of Fact I Do Own The Damn Road

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What if one encountered Martin Luther King Jr., on Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway? What if you were driving through Lincoln Tunnel, and Lincoln showed up? Would you move over and let him pass? After all, it's his tunnel ... the darned thing was named after him. (Might get tedious waiting for that horse and buggy, though. "Come on, move it Great Emancipator!").

Sheriff's deputies in Bernalillo County, N.M., faced a similar dilemma on Wednesday while trying to corner a carjacking suspect on Unser Street, which was named for the racing family and is adjacent to the Unser family home. During the standoff, Al Unser Sr. and Bobby Unser both showed up and tried to get through the roadblock. According to deputies, the Unsers were told to clear the area, and refused, so they were arrested. Said Bobby Unser:

We were doing zero wrong. Naturally I'm going to get a hold of Sheriff (Darren) White and tell him honestly what happened, not what these crazy idiots that work for him are writing down.


We realize that it was a tense, dangerous situation involving an armed man. But shouldn't the people for whom the street is named get special, like, honorary deputy status? (Police captain lowers bullhorn:) "OK Unser, it's your street, so it's your call. Do we go in?"

Unser Brothers Arrested For Ignoring Deputies [MSNBC]

(UPDATE: The Smoking Gun has the mugshots.)

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