"Girls Gone Grabblin'" is a video featuring women of all types and ages, swimming around in dirty water trying to wrestle catfish (sorry, "grabble") out of their mud holes. The image on the front of the box is deceiving: the accompanying film footage and website do not feature buxom Southern gals in giant rubber boots getting mustache rides from a 50-pound catfish. Would that sell better or worse?

Anyway, for those who don't know what grabbling is, here is the official definition:

Catfish Grabblin' is the art of fishing with your hands. In the spring of the year the catfish move to shallow water to lay their eggs. Spawning is triggered by the increasing length of the days and the warmer water temperatures. Spawning in the Tennessee River area usually starts about late May.

The female will look for a sheltered location to deposit her eggs. Holes in rocks, boat ramps, hollow logs, and other secluded areas all provide good shelter for spawning activities. After the female deposits her eggs the male will move in to guard the eggs. He will stay in the nest to keep the eggs aerated and protect them from predators. He will stay until the fry leave the nest. The male will eat very little while guarding the eggs and will strike out at anything that comes too close to the nest. Especially a bare hand!

Bare hands? Hollow logs? Grabblin'? If this isn't an Urban Dictionary sexual position waiting to happen, I don't know what else is.

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