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Alex Rodriguez's magic tush massage could not overcome the haunting Sajak voodoo gaze as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim staved off the Yankee gorilla trouncing for one more day. Something called Jeff Mathis is today's hero.

Hi. Haven't spoken to you guys in a while because I've been inexplicably land-locked out of Gawker's publishing system for most of the day, but I should be back and fully operational tomorrow. Ah, progress at Gawker media. It's awesome!. Or, sorry, #itsawesome!


And now, the Phillies are on and Ryan Howard is an unstoppable force. I might be posting throughout the evening to catch up on all the stuff I've neglected since bouncing around Las Vegas and dicking around with Melissa Lima. (Not a euphemism. Sadly.)

Anyway, talk soonish. Enjoy the games.

Thanks to Mike From NOLA for one of these photos. He would like the floor:

I'd just like everybody to know that New Orleans is ready for bachelor parties again. Come help us out!

Yeah, that.

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