Yes, The Jonas Brothers Were On SportsCenter Last Night

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Earlier this week, Sports Media Journal questioned the purpose of hosting SportsCenter in Los Angeles, prompting ESPN flacks to defend the move, in part, by citing "additional access to sports and entertainment celebrities." Like the Jonas Brothers!

From a tipster [sic'd]:

Ok, so I think this marks the official start of the end of the world as we know it... It was about 2:50 yesterday morning when I was getting ready to fall asleep and those three brothers were on SportsCenter doing the top 10 plays with Neil Everett and some other schlub. I may have been stoned, but it was definitely them.


No, you were not stoned — that was the Jonas Brothers calling the Top 10 with Everett and Stan Verrett, that other schlub. With this second coming of ESPN Hollywood, we learn that the Jonas Brothers are fans of the New York Giants, Yankees, Dodgers, Mavericks and Lakers, and they blister their hands on the golf course. They weren't heavy on the catch phrases — all I heard was "Bam, there you go," and a lackluster "Boo-yah!"

The lesson, as always: Watch the 2 a.m. SportsCenter now that it's on the West Coast. You never know which singing and acting set of brothers will appear before your glazed-over eyes.