Yet Another Roethlisberger Incident: "He Pulled His Pants Down"

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The Georgia investigation uncovered more allegations of sexual impropriety on Big Ben's part. In this case, on multiple occasions, he invited a woman to his home and made some very unwanted advances.

The Smoking Gun's on top of it, finding the witness statement among the reams of documents released. As part of their investigation, they talked to someone in the Milledgeville Police Youth Explorers program, who passed along info from the sibling of a woman who said she had her own run-ins with Roethlisberger.

The date isn't specified, but allegedly the 21- or 22-year-old woman acted as Roethlisberger's designated driver home from a party. She helped him to his bedroom because he was too drunk, but he wouldn't let her leave. That's when "Roethlisberger pulled his pants down and told [her] she could do whatever she wants."


A week later, according to the statement, Roethlisberger texted the woman to come over for a party. She ended up in his bedroom, where he showed her his new bed and asked her to lie down.

During this Roethlisberger was allegedly forceful with [her], and put his hand up [her] skirt. Eventually [she] was able to push Roethlisberger's hand away, and [she] went to leave the residence. As [she] left Roethlisberger allegedly became angry with [her]."


The woman went home and told her father, but the issue was not pursued. When GBI tried to contact the woman last month as part of the latest Roethlisberger investigation, she declined to speak to them, fearful of her name getting out to the media.

What further wonders does the Roethlisberger investigation hold? Stay tuned.