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Illustration for article titled Yi Siling Wins The First Gold Medal Of London 2012 (For Air Rifle)

Yi Siling of China is the number one ranked air rifle shooter person in the world and made those who rank such things look like they know what the hell it is they are doing as she won the first gold medal of the 2012 Olympic Games in women's 10m air rifle. One can almost imagine the gods atop Olympus, watching the athletes carrying their air rifles, Ares clapping like a madman; Aphrodite golf clapping and rolling her eyes.

Siling was excited about the win and relieved the morning ended so well.

'I'm very happy. I want to say thanks to China, to my mother and father.

'I'm very excited and happy. I have been shooting since I was 13-years-old.

'I've been up since 5am this morning. There was a lot of pressure on me.'

And hey, she's an Olympic gold medalist. So shove it, guy making light of air rifling.


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Yi Siling wins first gold medal of Games [London 2012]

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