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You Better Get ESPN Mobile Before A Tornado Hits

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Got a tip from Jeff in Columbia about an oddly-timed plug for ESPN Mobile during last night's Little League World Series broadcast. Erin Andrews was in the stands during the game between Columbia and Lake Charles, standing among a bunch of Columbia fans, who all seemed to be on their cell phones. Back in Columbia, see, some pretty severe weather was blowing through, including tornadoes strong enough to take out trees and power lines.

Andrews said that the people were giving game updates to their friends and family back home, but as Jeff points out, they may also have had a passing interest in things like the safety of their loved ones, pets, homes, and things of that nature. Erin Andrews chose this moment to plug ESPN Mobile, saying that if the people back in Columbia had it, they could get updates on the game. The same thing is also noted here on Philly and Beyond.


The nerve of those people... not having ESPN Mobile. Scores and highlights are so easily accessible that it's selfish not to have it. Instead, they whine about tornadoes and impose upon their friends to pass along scoring updates. Just man up, people of Columbia, do the right thing, and buy an ESPN cell phone. Get your ass to a Best Buy, because I do not want to hear you bitching when the next tornado rips your house apart and you don't know the score of the Chiefs game.

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