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Since picking on Rich Rodriguez has become a little too easy lately, here's a new plotline for Michigan mockers to pursue....athletic director Bill Martin reduced to pulling the "Do you know who I am?" routine in his own stadium.


Even worse, what could have been just an amusing case of mistaken identity has turned into a full fledged SCANDAL since two different Department of Public Safety employees accused Martin of "assaulting" them after he tried to enter the special VIP area at Michigan Stadium without a pass. The first incident happened at the Notre Dame game back in September:

Just before halftime, [sophomore Jackie] Turner was in charge of opening doors to let patrons out of the area when three males wearing University of Michigan polo shirts attempted to come through the doors, according to the report.

Turner told DPS she stepped in front of the doorway and told the man in the front of the group that she needed to see his pass to let him in. In response, the man, Martin, put his hand on her shoulder and said "Honey, I'm the athletic director," pushing her just enough so she would get out of his way.


Turner didn't report the incident until she heard that it happened at the Delaware State game last month:

Arif Kahn [an Eastern Michigan student and DPS employee] said he put his hand on the door and asked to see their passes. In response, the man "forcibly grabbed" Kahn's windbreaker and pushed him slightly.

The man then said, "I am the athletic director, I can go in," according to the report.

After Kahn refused to allow the man into the area without the proper credentials, the man grabbed Kahn's identification badge and asked to know his name. Kahn told DPS that a University Development Events staff member then identified the man as the athletic director and let him into the area.

Did you read that? He grabbed his windbreaker! Bill Martin is a monster who clearly belongs in prison, but only if he is not allowed to retire from his current job. (It would be more entertaining that way.)

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[Photo via Michigan Daily/Clif Reeder]

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