You Can Buy Stan Musial's Wallet, You Monster

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Do you like baseball? Do you have a few thousand bucks lying around? Could you stand to be a little more ghoulish? Do we have the auction for you.

Stan Musial, one of the greatest hitters in baseball history, passed away in January 2013. At his estate sale last fall, one of the items that sold was Musial's wallet, and all the random bric-a-brac contained therein. It was bought by a man who has now listed it on eBay, perhaps because he discovered that the only useful thing about owning Stan Musial's wallet is the ability to sell it to other people who want to own Stan Musial's wallet.


It contains:

  • A photo of the Musial family
  • A photo of Lillian, Stan's wife of 72 years
  • A photo of Pope John Paul II
  • Two health care cards
  • A temporary ID card for Musial's pacemaker
  • An auto insurance card
  • A hospital ID card
  • An honorary membership card from the Missouri Sheriffs' Association
  • A membership card from a homeowners' association
  • A $100 bill that Musial always carried "for emergencies."

The original estate sale listing also included Musial's credit cards, driver's license, and social security card, but it seems eBay seller "cardinaljim" decided to hang onto those for his own nefarious purposes.


Anyway, if you buy this, Stan Musial will haunt you. But you'll have 100 bucks.

[via The Baseball Continuum]