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You Can See The Outline Of Some Dude's Dick On The Under Armour Wikipedia Page [UPDATE]

We could elaborate on the headline, but tipster Pat explained it well in his email. In his quest to find some legitimate information on Wikipedia, he ended up being sidetracked after discovering a picture of a guy in compression shorts, the outline of his dick clearly visible.

Pat's email is fully [sic]'d:


I am a long time reader but have never felt compelled to email or comment on the site, until now. Today I read some article about Maryland leaving the ACC and it mentioned the possible involvement of Kevin Plank, the CEO of Underarmour. From there I became curious about the origins, current revenue, and development of Underarmour since it has taken the sports world by storm. And where better to go then Wikipedia since its always the first thing to pop up after a general google search. So i went to…. Anyway, completely unrelated to their cash flow and history or their involvement in Maryland leaving the ACC, I realized that half way down the page there was a picture of a man, or i hope a man, wearing a pair of compression shorts. Once you take a look at this photo you will see why I am emailing this to you. First I was shocked to see this, then confused that it had not been edited out by the people at Wikipedia or at least seen by someone from Underarmour. Then i clicked on the picture to see if more details were available. Well once you click on not only can you see some dude's dick larger and clearer you can find out that this dude apparently named Buckeye333, has had a picture of his schvantz posted on Underarmour wikipedia page since March. Thought this was something that would be perfect for Deadspin. Hope this makes in the site.



Yeah, that's definitely the outline of some guy's dick in compression shorts. Aaaand scene.

UPDATE: The photo has been removed. Here's the update explaining why:

23:50, 19 November 2012‎ Brendenhows (talk | contribs)‎ . . (21,268 bytes) (-72)‎ . . (Remove Inappropriate Photo - Can see outline of male's gentiles in photo!)

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