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You Could Microwave A Hot Pocket In The Time It Took Zack Greinke To Throw This Damn Pitch

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Photo: Jennifer Stewart (Getty Images)

Zack Greinke was up against Ozzie Albies in the top of the second and had just thrown his second consecutive changeup outside of the strike zone to give the Braves batter a full count. With two men on base, Greinke didn’t want to be the one to break the 1-1 tie so he decided to be patient for his next pitch. He waited, and waited, and waited some more. After 30ish seconds had gone by, Albies called for time in the box to readjust his stance that had likely been thrown out of whack because of all the waiting.


By the time Albies got back into the batter’s box, Greinke had still not decided on what kind of pitch he wanted to throw. This started to concern his catcher, who got up as if to have a mound meeting. But Greinke sent him back, which appeared to imply that he knew what he wanted to throw. Albies then stepped back out a couple seconds later for the same reason as before. It wasn’t until over a minute had passed since the last pitch that some boo birds finally started to come down. Once Albies got back into the box, Greinke still couldn’t decide what pitch to toss so Arizona catcher J.R. Murphy finally made his way to the pitcher’s mound, much to the chagrin of Greinke. The two exchanged some words and then everyone got back into position as more boos rained down on the home team. Around 15 seconds later, Greinke finally threw the pitch he had decided on: a third consecutive changeup. Albies popped it up for an out.

Don’t let the timestamp fool you; the time it took for Greinke to finally pitch the damn ball was easily like 10 minutes. Even as someone who believes the pitch clock is a dumb gimmick that the league will screw up, this bit was excessive enough to make me think that somebody should have at least tried to arrest Greinke and put him in jail. The only positive thing that came from this was that Rob Friedman/@PitchingNinja overlaid the scene on top of the Kentucky Derby.

Hopefully someone is able to show MLB commissioner Rob Manfred the second clip before his aneurysm he developed from watching the first clip fully kicks in.