You, Dim PR Person, Are Dumb And Should Be Fired From Your Job, Part III

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PR people are stupid. Not all of them, just some of them. Like this person, who sent this pitch about "Oral Sex and Oral Cancer Linked" to a popular sports radio show's producer. Because they are dumb.

Hello Mr.****,

While in the pursuit of "safe" sex many put themselves in danger by being
unaware of hidden threats in what may seem to be less dangerous sexual
activities. Evidence of this is the fact most men and women are unaware of
the possible link between oral cancer and oral sex.

In fact, scientists are coming to the conclusion that HPV contracted through
oral sex could possibly be the cause for some of the 25% of oral cancer
cases found in younger people who don't smoke or drink.

HPV causes epithelial cells in the cervix to become cancerous. The mouth is
also lined with the same cells and science is now finding that, like the
cervix, the epithelial cells of the mouth also turn cancerous when exposed
to the HPV virus. Added to this is the fact that the HPV virus has also been
seen in oral cancer biopsy tissue.

Endodontist, Dr. Robert Fleisher is now available to discuss this surprising
link. If you would be interested in interviewing Dr. Fleisher for more
details, please feel free to email or call me at the number below and I
would be happy to assist.

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