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You Don't Mess With Montana's Communications Students

Following an order from the coach to his team to stop talking to their reporters, Montana's student newspaper struck back in a beautifully catty way: they started covering the Grizzlies' opponents.

It started when the Kaimin, UM's student paper, published an investigation on an alleged assault by two players. Coach Bobby Hauck, a gaping vagina of the highest order, made his displeasure known in his press conferences.

At a recent weekly news conference, a Kaimin reporter asked Hauck whether he was going to continue rotating quarterbacks.

"You want something from me now?" replied Hauck. "You've got to be kidding me."

A Missoulian sportswriter immediately followed up with the same question, to which Hauck provided an answer.

At the following week's news conference, the Kaimin reporter again asked a question - this one on how the Grizzly defense would defend against the speed of an opposing running back.

Hauck's reply: "I'll give you this, you're persistent. Who's next?"

More recently, a player told a reporter that he wasn't allowed to talk to the Kaimin staff, a directive that supposedly came down from Hauck.

Faced with this stonewalling, the paper did what they had to do. For the homecoming Gameday publication, which usually profiles a Grizzly player, they ran a feature on a coach for the opposing Cal Poly.

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