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"You Gotta Get Tanked Before You Go In": Green Bay Efforts To Curb Excessive Drinking Predictably Backfire

Like many teams of late, the Packers decided to cut off the sale of booze earlier than usual to combat drunken disorderliness during Saturday's wild card game against the Vikings. Knowing full well that beer sales would be cut off at the end of halftime, Packers fans did the only thing sensible people do: they tied one on earlier and faster than they normally would.

Cody Holyoke, TMJ's man on the street, caught some sights and sounds of the aftermath and could literally not answer a direct question about whether he found anyone who thought the new rule was a good idea. And, honestly, those "obviously intoxicated" fans couldn't avoid it, "it's the end of a playoff rivalry game."

Some other highlights:

00:04: "Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Milwaukee"

00:15: "Woooooooooo"

00:25:: [suggestive hip thrusting.]

00:30: [bike cops exhibiting zero tolerance.]

00:53: "mrblgrblerm—so sad."

01:00: [American hero Ryan Preuher launches political career.]

01;50: [Cody Holyoke's face betrays him.]

01:54-end: [female reveler waves excessively, pantomimes drinking.]

"Upwards of a dozen" arrests were made at the time of Holyoke's reporting, but the belief was the new rule worked. It was reported earlier today that 21 arrests were made, the most all season. It remains unclear how many ejections were made. Back to you guys.

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