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We really can't add much to this story other than to just let the facts speak for themselves, so here goes. A soccer player in Germany was kicked in the groin during a game and tore an inch-and-a-half long cut down his penis. It's impressive that he didn't, you know, start screaming like Hades had risen to Earth, but that's not the least of it.

The player — whose name is Chavdar Yankow, a name we now feel required to remember forever — did not panic. He didn't even leave the game. He glued up the gash and put plaster on it. He then played in the second half ... and scored the winning goal.

People often criticize athletes for not playing through pain. We suppose we should make a crack here about J.D. Drew, or Fred Taylor. But we can't. Sometimes we think we should wear a cup, like, all the time. This is one of those times.

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