Which teams went 0-4 in the Super Bowl?

You may know the 1990s Bills, but they're not the only team to do it

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Frank Tarkenton, like Tom Brady, lost three Super Bowls.
Frank Tarkenton, like Tom Brady, lost three Super Bowls.
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The Minnesota Vikings are the super failures you never hear about (thanks a lot, Buffalo). Like the Bills, the Vikings also lost four Super Bowls — but over the course of eight years, not four.

The Vikings were the first team in the NFL to make it to four Super Bowls. Wow, impressive! But just wait for it… Minnesota was also the first team in league history to lose four Super Bowls. Oh.

In the 70’s, the Purple People Eaters were gobbled up in four title games.

Minnesota lost its first Super Bowl in 1970 to the Chiefs. As the decade went on, the Vikings had somewhat of a Super Bowl appearance streak, losing in ’74, ’75, and ’77 to Shula’s Dolphins, Noll’s Steelers, and Madden’s Raiders respectively. That’s quite the coaching list.


The Bills and the Vikings, though, are not the biggest losers in Super Bowl history. The Broncos and Patriots have lost five Big Games each.

Tom Brady, the winningest QB in Super Bowl history, is tied with John Elway (Denver) and Fran Tarkenton (Minnesota) as quarterbacks with three Super Bowl losses, behind only Buffalo’s Jim Kelly.