You might actually get ‘Super Bowl Monday’ off thanks to the NFL’s 17-game schedule (and Presidents)

How will the new NFL schedule impact Super Sick Monday?
How will the new NFL schedule impact Super Sick Monday?
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The NFL’s 17-game schedule, which was just approved this afternoon, is many things. Odd? for sure. A risk to player health? Definitely. “Dumb as hell”? Alvin Kamara says so.


But one thing the 17 game schedule could do is save you a sick day.

Say what?

“Super Sick Monday” is usually the first Monday in February, and it’s our country’s largest unofficial day off. If you’re reading this, you may be one of the 17 million Americans who called into work in 2019 and 2020 asking to be excused after a few too many beverages the night of the big game.

But as a result of the new 17-game regular season, the Super Bowl will be pushed back a week. Meaning you may get to watch The Big Game on a holiday weekend in the future.

As Maske notes, next year’s Super Bowl will not happen on Presidents’ Day weekend, but it will in the years to come.

Take last month’s game, for example. If this year’s Super Bowl had been pushed back a week, we would’ve seen that streaker on Sunday and enjoyed sleeping in on Monday. That’s a lot better than watching a terrible 31-9 blowout and moseying your hungover ass to work early the next morning.


The move to punt a championship a week actually makes some sense for the league, mostly because fans would love it. Plus, think about how much larger those Super Bowl parties would be on a holiday weekend.

Problem is, the folks at ProFootballTalk calculated when we’ll get our next President’s weekend Super Bowl. They found it won’t come until 2027… then 2038, 2044, 2049, and 2055.


So it looks like we’re going to have to wait a bit longer until we can take Super Sick Monday off together.