You Say Seymour, We Say Pusey, Let's Call The Whole Thing Off

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In July, we told you about Lucious Pusey, freshman linebacker for Eastern Illinois University. We also mentioned that he had petitioned to legally change his name to Lucious Seymour, an instinct we absolutely understand.

Unfortunately for Lucious, and for us, we suppose, when you Google "Lucious Pusey," the second item that comes up is that post. Which is probably why we received this email last evening.

ooo so yall mother fuckers dont have shit else to say bout me huh... damn you know the funny thing is that mother fuckers like yall wont have the balls and say it to my face.. when i make it to the league i willshoot a middle finger at yall and say fuck all my haters.. i am the realest, and my name is Lucius Seymour get it right!!


We're going to assume The Realests got one of these as well. We could like to formally point out, to whoever will listen, that his name is not Lucious Pusey anymore, it is Lucious Seymour, so please, if you could, stop that giggling. Stop it! Stop!

Ladies And Gentlemen, Meet Lucious Pusey

(UPDATE: The Smoking Gun has a copy of the official name-change request. Those guys are awesome.)