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You Should Really Be Watching The NHL Playoffs

Last week, I was worried that the Washington/Pittsburgh series might end in a disappointing sweep, but not only is it still going, it's gotten more exciting. (And the other series aren't bad either.)

The Capitals and Penguins played their third overtime game in four tries last night, with Washington pulling this one out to force a much anticipated Game 7. The series has had everything. Close games, great saves and the big stars have delivered the goods, too. (Thirteen points for Ovechkin, six goals for Crosby.) Plus, anyone who stuck around on Versus last night saw a 12-goal shootout between the Blackhawks and Canucks that was nothing to sneeze at. A great night for hockey and it wasn't the first or the last of this year.


This series, and this whole Stanley Cup playoff, have been exactly what the doctored ordered for NHL. We tease Versus, but their coverage has been mostly excellent and—most importantly—covered. Between them and NBC nearly every game has available on TV and there have been a lot of good ones in both conferences. The league is slowly but surely working its way back from oblivion and hyped up battles like this are just the kind of attention that it needs. There are two Games 6 tonight, then Caps and Penguins do it again on Wednesday, and soon the Blackhawks' own young stars will have get their chance to show off. So if you're not paying attention, then start.

Unless you don't even like hockey, in which case, screw you.

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