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The wisdom of sending more of our troops to Iraq is making less and less sense to us, mostly because there are bitter, liquored-up Bills fans wandering around with nothing to do. Meet Patriots' fan Barry Donaghey, who was simply trying to enjoy a tailgate celebration with his pregnant wife following visiting New England's 28-6 win over the Bills on Sunday.

About 5 p.m., Barry Donaghey โ€” who was wearing a Red Sox cap and Pats jacket โ€” went to use a nearby porta-potty. While Donaghey was inside, he said, Bills fans began hurling anti-Patriots insults and pelting the portable restroom with rocks and other objects. "I thought if I kept my head down, I would be fine," recalled the software salesman.

When he finally came out, Donaghey was pummeled like a University of Miami placekick holder, breaking certain small bones.

The sad part is that the mob also tried to kick him, but missed wide right.

Insults, Injuries: Mass. Man Beaten at N.Y. Stadium [Boston Herald]