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You Stole The Wrong Car, Dude

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We know this will come as a shock to you, but apparently sometimes they steal cars in the Detroit. We know; we're as stunned as you. Anyway, if you're gonna steal a car in Detroit, we'd highly recommend you make sure the people you steal it from don't play for the Detroit Demolition women's football team.

Because if you do, you will feel the wrath of April Fowlkes.

Fowlkes immediately stopped and confronted two young men sitting in the car. "I just went up there real fearless," she said. "I took a bold approach, because doing something is better than standing there not doing anything." It might have helped that Fowlkes is listed at 5-feet-9 and 300 pounds.

"One saw me walk up to the car," she said. "I guess he looked at my size, and he jumped out of the car and ran the other way. One guy came around the back of the car. He looked me in the eye and saw me coming towards him, and he took off running the other way, too." A third man, apparently the driver, came out of the station and wasn't so lucky. "When he saw me, his eyes kinda got big, so I grabbed him," Fowlkes said. "That was the one I was able to catch." She pinned the man against the car for about 10 minutes until police arrived.


By the way, Saturday is the Independent Women's Football League's Western Conference championship, with the Demolition playing the Sacramento Sirens at Livonia Franklin High School gym in Detroit. (Call 248-474-9176 for tickets!) Plenty of parking, and free security.

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