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You Sure This Is Gonna Work, Tom?: Your NFL Late Games Open Thread

Lots of important games with important teams and important players. Discuss all these issues and more down below.

New England at Denver (CBS): This game has been responsible for some severe, severe bitching and moaning on the part of CBS and, as usual, it has everything to do with Tim Tebow. Ordinarily, this game is a tailor-made flex pick for NBC's Sunday Night Football. Unfortunately, due to some prior flexing picks and CBS not getting to cash in on the Tebow ratings bonanza earlier, the NFL has decided to not allow NBC to flex this game, forcing the entire country to watch the Chargers-Ravens game later this evening. Most of the country not in New York, Philadelphia or Arizona will get the game anyway, but at what geographical cost? You may not live in Cleveland, but you don't live in New York, either. Or Philadelphia, or have the potential to meet John Skelton in Arizona.


NY Jets at Philadelphia (CBS): Many people had these two teams pegged as potential Super Bowl opponents. Shockingly, those August pronouncements are probably wrong. The Dream Team is a mess and the Jets are in the middle of their patented "Pull a playoff spot out of our asses" late season push. It won't end well for anyone involved, these are the Jets and the Eagles. Remember?

Cleveland at Arizona (CBS): "It all starts with the QB. Signs point to John Skelton getting the start for the Cardinals Sunday." Game. Over. Cardinals. [Revenge of the Birds]

Detroit at Oakland (FOX): Here's a great example of how losing turns everyone against a coach. "Hue Jackson shared a laugh with Oakland Raiders media Friday when ribbed about new magazine photos showing him receiving a manicure and pedicure. Jackson said getting his nails done is a pregame ritual. Unfortunately for Jackson, another Raiders tradition has continued during his first season as Oakland's head coach: Penalties." Oh! Harsh. If this were a few weeks ago, or if the Raiders weren't in the middle of completely shitting themselves, this would be an amusing anecdote about Hue Jackson's quirks. Now it's merely a setup to a cheap joke at his expense. [Fox Sports]

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