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Like everyone else who's ever tinkered with these evil internets, my testicles tingled a bit when Brent Musberger, Bob Davie, and Kirk Herbstreit spent a good two minutes discussing the crazy bloggers who were going to start calling for Lloyd Carr's ouster if he lost to USC. It was one of those nails on the chalkboard moments — you know like when government officials start deconstructing hip-hop lyrics to condemn suburban kids shooting each other in the mall or Finding Forrester.

Oddly enough, most of the Michigan blogs reacted to the mention by...not calling for Carr's head at all. I'm imagining Musberger and Bob Davie must feel like a couple of parents who prevented their houses from getting egged on Mischief Night by hiding in the bushes. Limp-wristed fist pound to the whole ABC crew.


Kirk Herbstreit Is Curious About Blogs [The Big Lead]

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