In our group chat system, this was the first observation one of us made about the video above: "Canadian college basketball players are fat." It's footage from the Atlantic Colleges Athletic Association tournament semifinal between Holland College and Mount Saint Vincent University, and it's really nothing more than a bunch of fat Canadians playing basketball, at least until the 17-second mark. That's when Alvin Parker, with Holland trailing by five, banks in a three, which causes announcers Randy Corey and Justin Marshall to begin shouting incoherently.

The two announcers are so enamored with having watched a bank shot cut Holland's deficit to two that they overlook the quick steal by Leo Morris, who tips the ball to Steve Hardy, who drills another three to give Holland the lead. (That score graphic at the top, which includes no clock, is of little help.) After that there's a lot more incoherent shouting, which is punctuated by a quick glance at Corey and Marshall, who don't even bother to contain themselves. Following a break in the action, we get some stilted play-by-play—Corey says it was his first basketball broadcast—that leads to still more incomprehensible screaming and Canadian accents. Toward the video's conclusion, Marshall finally sums it all up in the most hilariously appropriate way possible: "If you're a Hurricanes fan watching right now, you were treated to a treat!" The end. Holland went on to win the ACAA title the next day.


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