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As more than a few of you have noticed, the Missouri Valley Conference represtend itself quite well yesterday. And I'll be honest with you... as I watched on Thursday and Friday, any time Northern Iowa, Wichita State or Bradley made a play, I was picturing Billy Packer shaking his head in disgust and turning red with bitter anger.

The Irish Trojan's Blog goes into great (really great) detail about the MVC's performance in the first round, and implores Billy Packer to feel like a chump. He's also got an audio clip of Jim Nantz praising the MVC last night, followed by Billy Packer sitting in stone silence. And Complete Sports presents a letter from Craig Littlepage to Billy Packer and Jim Nantz.

Wichita State takes on Tennessee at 3:40 this afternoon, and Bradley and Pitt get buck wild tomorrow at 12:10.

And Duke continues to lead GW by 11 with about 13:00 to play.

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