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You Wouldn't Want To Work With Draymond Green, Either

When you see your main dude and then pretend not to see your main dude.
When you see your main dude and then pretend not to see your main dude.
Photo: Wilfredo Lee (AP)

They have been historically great for years and are, when at their unholy apex, probably the most beautiful and terrifying basketball machine ever constructed, but the Golden State Warriors are kind of a corny bunch of dudes. This is nothing on them, really: it’s not their job to be interesting, or anyway it’s not as much a part of the job description as winning basketball games, and if they want to collect regionally appropriate rich-guy hobbies and if their ostensibly coequal stars—some notably corny in their own right—want to work out their cheesy macho rich-guy feuds in public they’re absolutely free to do all that. They’ve earned that many times over, and none of it changes the fact that they seem likely to stomp all comers en route to another NBA championship this year. With a team this inevitable, we need to take our entertainment where we can find it.

And when Draymond Green got too spicy at the end of regulation and neglected to pass the ball to Kevin Durant, and then probably called him a bitch when Durant got mad about it on the bench, we found it. It was an act of completely on-brand perfectly Draymondian Draymonding for which Draymond was suspended without pay, and it will likely do nothing to prevent them from stomping every team they play by 13 points when the games start to matter more, but Drew and I and special guest Lauren Theisen would have been remiss not to subject to some tangy and ill-informed commentary. So we did that.

But we did not stop there, because that would have been a very short podcast. Listeners will find this week’s Deadcast to be a sophisticated and heady brew. It is one that arrives on the palate with some frankly repellent notes of freezerburned hockey bullshit, which gives way to a frothy discussion of Le’Veon Bell and the borked economics of NFL personnel matters. Astute tasters will appreciate the thick and beefy kick of multiple Trump-related Funbag queries, and uh also you will probably taste some soap. That’s nothing to worry about. It just turns out that Drew has some fairly passionate opinions about soap. I’ve been told it’s nothing to worry about, so don’t worry about it. It’s fine.


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David Roth is an editor at Deadspin.

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