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Young Child Demonstrates Impressive Pigeon-Throwing Abilities To Confused, Scared Onlookers

Screenshot: lexie edwards (Twitter)

Pigeons don’t have a whole lot of real-world applications outside of being the animal that Burger King probably gets the meat for their chicken nuggets from. But thanks to this adorable child, we now know that if you have quick enough hands, you can actually turn these rats with wings into temporary Nerf footballs that can be harmlessly chucked at people walking by you.


The kid here demonstrates a mastery of pigeon carrying that’s well beyond his years. Just look at the way he tucks the bird under his arm and keeps it close to his body to prevent a potential fumble. He also shows some decent throwing technique. While the first toss is off of his back foot, the second toss the child steps into the throw with shoulders square on the target he’s aiming for, which isn’t bad given he was throwing on the run. While the result didn’t exactly end how he wanted it to—it’s a common problem when the thing you’re throwing is a live animal—the approach, from the carry to the throw, was mechanically sound.

This kid’s got a bright athletic future as long as he keeps practicing, and, most importantly, regularly washes his hands after tossing the ol’ bird around.

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