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Young Man Enjoy His First Wilding

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I guess this poor kid fell asleep during the Phillies celebration last night and dirty hooligans decided to take the Sharpie to him. That's a shame. Fortunately, the boy has so many O'Doul's in him that he just doesn't care.


Since I was not in Philadelphia last night and all communication with the city has been cut off, I'm not sure if this was just good-natured revelry or if Center City is still in flames. Normally, I turn to Fox News for the real truth, but these two headlines from two nearly identical Fox affiliates do not clear up the matter. One seems to suggest that all is well ...

Fans Spend Night Partying In Streets

... but the New York market sees things a little differently ...

Phillies Fans Out of Control

Nope, this World Series isn't going to be annoying at all.

* * * * *

Please let it be Friday? Shoot.

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